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Accounting Testimonials from Dentists

OverWatch Dental CPAs is the best choice for dental accounting and tax services in Northwest Ohio. Check out what our happy clients are saying below then contact us for a free consultation and tax review.


I highly recommend this company to all dentists

"Overwatch Dental CPAs has been providing my dental practice with bookkeeping and accounting services for some time now.  I have been extremely satisfied with the service and care. Before Overwatch, I had an onsite bookkeeper that came in once a week that was very inefficient and wasted several hours of my day.  Overwatch Dental CPAs have even provided bill pay services which really alleviates more free time that I can spend on the business of my practice. I highly recommend this company to all dentists."

-Amanda Juarez, DDS


OverWatch Dental CPA's are well worth the investment

"I have utilized OverWatch Dental CPA's for nearly two years. Sarah Shively has taken the "bookkeeping burden" off my back, which has freed my time and taken a chore I HATED to do. She was instrumental in helping me formulate a 3 year projection for my new dental office based on conservative estimates and figures, which convinced my bank to loan the capital for the project. OverWatch Dental CPA's are well worth the investment."

-Michael F. Tillery DDS, Indianapolis, IN